When I go to immersion, I get told I have no points for translating, and a pop up parro- er, owl, telling me to get started, with a French tricolour in front of a French tricolour. It just told me this in English, three times, but just to really confuse me, is now inviting me to translate French to French in French (without me having switched between course set ups). I have screenshots for your entertainment if that helps but I'm not sure what the code is for inserting an image here?

Edit: and now, somewhat unsurprisingly as I never signed up for this, I have nil point for translating French to Italian. Or Italian to French. Or something. Anything but the ones I actually signed up to. I'm off to do the whole switch off/switch on again thing, but I thought someone might want to know it's happening.

Edit: and I have now realised that although I was viewing all the surrounding site text in English, my post went to French troubleshooting, where it will look baffling.

Also, I am still getting daily emails from you telling me that my target for the day is to complete basics 1, and I thought I had already done that. Though perhaps not in French to French or French to Italian.

:-( I'll put the kettle on, shall I?

March 6, 2014


The code, is, you upload it to an image sharing site, then you use the code: ![alt](picture link). I think a screenshot would help. That's sounds very strange. What do you mean they give you articles to translate from french to italian? Even if the italian to french course was made, I'd doubt there would be an immersion area since there is no immersion area for spanish to french.

Anyways, you should probably post a screenshot. That is very strange.

No, no articles, just the front pages for translations with those juxtapositions of flags. I seem to have escaped from the twilight zone now, so it doesn't matter, but the site does seem to get very confused between the languages at times.

Hmm, then I'd suggest you still post a screenshot, or email them if no one responds to this discussion.

To share an image you need to do the following - upload an image to for example imgur or have a link to an image like you already do. Then drop that url in between the parenthesis and insert the following beforehand.

That's the imgur version above. Blank. Sorry. But the three screenshots are in those links.

Can you share screenshots of what you're describing? Thanks!

Hi Kristine,

If you click the links above (the first of the two in each case to see it at a decent size), those are the screenshots I was trying to upload.

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