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How often should I practice each day?

I've just started here. Does anyone have any advice on how much practice I should do as a minimum per day?

February 23, 2013



It very much depends on your objectives: if you plan to come to France next summer and be able to understand people and get what you need, you'd better work hard, several hours every day! If not, you should manage that you don't forget what you have just learnt between two sessions.


30 minutes per day is probably the most common answer when it comes to studying languages. However, you don't have to spend all that time in one place; it's just important that you get exposed to a language every day.


Thank you very much for the answers! I don't currently have any plans to visit France soon. I really just want to learn French. I'm not on any particular time-scale.


I would suggest with daily learning that you address all aspects of the language: listening, speaking, writing and reading. Not necessarily all in one day. I spend 30 minutes to 3 hours a day on french


On the duo lingo "coach", it says that there is basic, regular, serious, or insane, which one do you want pick?

( Sur le jargon duo "coach", il dit qu'il y a de base, régulier, sérieux ou insensé, celui que vous voulez choisir? )

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