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Streak Freeze failed in Duolingo (Desktop <> Smartphone change)

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Hello, I want to report a bug in Duolingo. the streak freeze failed, when I use Duolingo-Desktop-Version on one day - and the next day I use the Smartphone-Version.

The XPs will not be counted on the present day - but they will be added to the day before (using desktop version) ... after this, the Streak Freeze gets activated ... so far so good and accepted...

When I use the desktopversion again the following day, then the XPs from the smartphone usage gets counted/corrected to the correct day.

But the 10XP Streak Freeze are lost :-( ... By this way I will never get 3000 XPs ... :-)

Question: can this bug "repariert werden"? ;-) This was also the reason I lost my 430 day streak one year ago, when I used only smartphone more days (and did not look in the store) :-(

Thanks for an answer...

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