"He likes to write books."

Translation:Του αρέσει να γράφει βιβλία.

February 20, 2017

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Why not: να γράψει rather than γράφει?


Because να γράψει is considered to be Past Subjunctive in Greek, and shows non continuation.

So, while it would make sense for someone to say

Θα ήθελα να γράψω ένα βιβλίο - I would like to write a book or

Θέλω να γράψω ένα βιβλίο - I want to write a book, the verb μου αρέσει ( (I) like) is always followed by Past subjuctive in Greek, just like its equivalent like is followed either by

  • a gerund, to express (dis)liking, or

  • an infinitive, to express habitual preference. ^.^


Why not αυτος ?


The verb αρεσει is impersonal


Also του indicates the gender so no pronoun required


Why not τα βιβλία?


Because there no definite article in the English sentence, so the sentence's meaning must be generic. Therefore, no definite article is needed for the Greek sentence either (as the speaker is not referring to some specific books). ^.^

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