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You can now learn Swahili!

Hi everyone,

The Swahili course is now available to learn! It has been a long wait, but a worthwhile one! A big thanks to all the course contributors for making such an amazing course. I have had lots of fun Alpha testing it. The course currently does not have audio, but it will be added later.

What are you waiting for? Start the course now!

February 20, 2017



Do you know why they released the course early rather than waiting for audio?


No, but I presume they have a good reason too. I have my guesses but I could be wrong.


Adding pre-recorded audio is quite a hefty task. You have to match the sound files with each sentence. Unlike TTS which just reads the sentence.


Do you know how long until the audio recordings will be added?


No idea. I believe they have already started, but are just not finished.

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