"Jina lake la baba ni Juma"

Translation:Dad's name is Juma

February 20, 2017

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Is this more like, "father his name is Juma"? The "lake" threw me a bit, and I put "his father's name is Juma", which is obviously wrong.


I see it like "His name, the father [I mean], is Juma"


I put the same as juryrigging below, and I would like to know why is it not 'his father's name is Juma'? If it is 'Dad's name is Juma', the question is whose dad, and it says 'Jina lake - the translation for which is 'his dad' or 'her dad'. So why are juryrigging and I wrong?


"Jina lake" actually translates to "his name" or "her name"

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