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Swahili Learners

Who yet is learning Swahili? I thought is was funny that this morning at 9:00 I checked and it said the estimated launch was March 1, 2017 and then I check at 12:30 and it says that Swahili has launch. I was also surprised that I was one of the first 20 learners. I am now addicted to Swahili. It is so fun! I am already at level 2.

February 20, 2017



You know how there is a WORDS link at the top of the duolingo page beside the HOME, ACTIVITY, and DISCUSSION? Well, I've noticed that there is no WORDS link on the top of the page for Swahili. I was wondering if that was just because it was in beta or what? I would like to review the flashcards there and see how many words I've learned.



Step 1 open duolingo in a tab that has a words list

Step 2. Open a new tab of Duolingo

Step 3. on the 2nd tab, switch the language you're learning to swahili

Step 4. Go back to the first tab, and click on the words list button


it is a lot of fun :)


It is my favorite language so far.


As soon as i get out of school i plan to start! How do you like it so far?


It is great! I am in school right now but it is educational so my teachers don't care as much as long as I am finished with my work.


Ah i wish it was like that for me. :)


we shouldn't even have school today because of president's day. That is assuming that you live in the US.

[deactivated user]

    i'm at level 6 it is so easy!


    I kind of took a break from it to do German. I have to learn German by June.

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