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Mega Swahili Resource Page:

Under Construction

Last Update: 20th February 2016 18:05PM UTC0 ~ Added "Dictionaries" section.


If you are learning Swahili, you will most likely be looking for some good resources to learn more, or reinforce what you have already learned. This post has all the resources you need!

There are a number of different headings, so it will be easier to navigate the post and find what you need.



Google Translate ~ Useful for quick Swahili translations when you need to find out the meaning of the word. Do not use for sentences, as with most other dictionaries. Has a built in TTS to hear words, but it is very robotic, especially for Swahili.

African Languages - Swahili/English ~ A nice dictionary that you can use as an alternative to Google Translate. These translations are a bit more reliable


Swahili/English - English/Swahili Practical Dictionary ~ A nice Swahili dictionary that you can bring around everywhere, even when you don't have WIFI/Data Roaming. You can find it at most good online retailers and possibly some large bookstores in your area.


Swahili/English Dictionary ~ If you are looking for an app version, then this is nice because it also works offline.

More Sections To Come!

This post is always being updated, so check back whenever you can for some new resources to boost your learning.

If you have any resources you would like to share, then please post a comment below!

February 20, 2017



https://www2.ku.edu/~kiswahili/ Is an amazing resource. Really easy to read charts, almost as good as Simplified Swahili.


Agreed - I do like the readability of the charts as well! Though the progression of the sequence is slightly strange and now how we teach Kiswahili to incoming Trainees and Volunteers in Peace Corps Tanzania, which is the model we've based our tree on. I do think these are good supplements, though!


Yes! I love that resource. I have used it many time. I do also agree with BrandenRyan: the structure of the structure of the course is quite intriguing


Language transfer has Swahili. So far 42 tracks have been released.

Colloguial languages, you can download the audio for free.


Great !

Could anyone suggest some music or stuff to read? any national tv to watch online or good newspaper?



I will be adding those sections soon:)


Can you add on my list of Swahili words in the course? I update it daily. https://www.duolingo.com/comment/21080299


There are only 871 Swahili words on forvo :(


Some are bad quality too, so probably <871 good ones


So far more than half I tried are bad


there is something wrong with lesson 1 in nouns m/mi -- most of the words are not covered... might want to check it . . .


There's the excellent on-line dictionary compiled by the Institute of Swahili Research at UDSM:

English - Swahili: http://www.elimuyetu.co.tz/subjects/arts/eng-swa/

Kiswahili - Kiingereza: http://www.elimuyetu.co.tz/subjects/arts/swa-eng/

It's convenient to use your browser's 'find' function to search for a word. Unfortunately, the letter 'S' in the English-Swahili dictionary returns a blank page :(

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