February 20, 2017

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Note to self: today is not a lion.


As I'm currently taking Latin, this is how my train of thought went with this question:

sees 'Leo'

"Ok maybe this means 'Lion' from Latin? As in 'Leo, Leonis?", "Wait, no"

"Ok maybe it's a name? Like 'Leo' in English?"

"Oh wait it means 'today' :/"


The only thing that saved me was remembering that "Simba" is the Swahili word for lion, which meant that this had to mean something else.

I'm pretty sure all the Lion King characters' names are Swahili, actually.

Edit: I looked this up:

  • Simba: lion
  • Mufasa: name of a Kenyan king
  • Sarabi: mirage
  • Nala: gift
  • Rafiki: friend
  • Pumbaa: slow-witted
  • Timon: respect, one who respects (actually a Greek word, likely used in reference to one of Shakespeare's plays)
  • Zazu: movement (originally Hebrew, but Swahili and Hebrew (and Arabic) are in frequent contact, so I'll take a wild guess here and say this might also be a Swahili word)
  • Taka (Scar's real name): dirt, trash; want (which is very fitting)

The three main hyenas also have Swahili names.

Edit 2: Adding to this, here are the lyrics to the opening part to the Circle of Life, which are actually in Zulu:

  • Nants ingonyama bagithi baba (Here comes a lion, Father)
  • Sithi uhm ingonyama (Oh yes, it's a lion)
  • Nants ingonyama bagithi baba (Here comes a lion, Father)
  • Sithi uhm ingonyama (Oh yes, it's a lion)
  • Ingonyama (It's a lion)
  • Siyo Nqoba (We're going to conquer)
  • Ingonyama Ingonyama nengw' enamabala (A lion and a leopard come to this open place) (repeats)

(Cue English lyrics)

I've learned much more about this movie than I thought I would today.


I doubt I need to include the translation here.


No worry, we get it.


Lion King is the reason I learn Swahili, anyone else?


Nope, going to Kenya and Tanzania in the fall. Can't wait.


I'm hoping to help poorer countries when I'm a bit older (and Kenya is the sixth poorest country in Africa).


it's also got zulu and xhosa, both of which I would rather learn, but still great that you are!


I never seen anybody watches a animation movie that deep. Thank you for the beautiful information.


Does anyone know the meaning of Zuka Zama


I was thinking about that too XD


Why, if the translation provided is "day" or "today", and "Habari ya leo" is "How is your day?" Will this only accept "today" as the answer and not "day"?


Please fix the hints! It has both "today" and "day" but putting day is inaccurate!


Why don't they have a narrator?


I want to know samething...No sound how i suppose to pronouce it i cant hear it spoken


Please! I want to learn the pronunciation of these words :) I can't to listen them


Am I the only one that can't hear the voice over for Swahili? It's really uncomfortable, please how do I report this?


This is Swahili, NOT English (or Latin


Without sound this app is no good for Swahili


Listening exercises in a course without audio? Weird idea... if only we could finally have the audio we have been waiting for and which HAS BEEN RECORDED


You had both 'today' and 'day' when asking what Leo means. I answer with 'day' and i am marked wrong because the app wanted 'today'. That's sus.


sorry, someone had mistakenly added 'day' as a translation for 'leo'.

'day' is 'siku'


Thanks for this! Appreciate you answering :)

I was trying to understand this myself.


So, to help me remember, I’m recapping here:

  • day = siku
  • night = usiku
  • Today = Leo
  • Tonight = usiku wa leo


Going through comments I can see it's a general problem, it needs to be fixed asap. This is not cool


That website is NO HELP...i know how i want to pronouce it...i want it spoken so i can hear a Native tongue speak it. How reading it help me HeAr It


P.S. All that stuff translating the lion King lyrics was really interesting. Thanks!


Why is "today" marked as incorrect?


How do you pronounce this?


You can try this... ;)


(Listening this, I think is the same as Spanish)

Swahili has five vowels: a, e, i, o, u. If you are familiar with Spanish, Italian or Japanese, the vowels are pronounced the same. If not, they are pronounced:

A - ah (Like the "a" in "father")

E - eh (Like the "e" in "egg" )

I - ee (Like the "ee" in "see")

O - oh (Like the "o" in "dot" )

U - oo (Like the "oo" in "doom")

From Wikitravel: http://wikitravel.org/en/Swahili_phrasebook


Thank you SOOOOOOOO much!


I thought Leo was just a name. So the whole exercise didn't make sense.


Leo is today

Uziku is night


Got penalised because of a capital T, not fair l!


So if the word is capitalized it's counted as incorrect?...how does that seem right


I literally just translated Leo as Today & lost a heart... the answer is today. What just happened here? Anyone else have this happen? I want my heart back. Waaaaa...

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