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  5. "Το άσπρο σεντόνι."

"Το άσπρο σεντόνι."

Translation:The white sheet.

February 20, 2017



I wonder if the order of the words is natural in Greek or if it would be better το σεντόνι άσπρο


Το σεντόνι άσπρο is ungrammatical. :P You can either say Το άσπρο σεντόνι - The white sheet or Το σεντόνι είναι άσπρο - The sheet is white. ^.^


Ancient Gk third declension feminine noun, ἡ σινδών, ονος, shows up in the Gospels (e.g., Matt 27:59). I was wondering about the shift from fem. to neuter and the i ending: Elimination of consonant-stem nouns of third declension, some with neuter diminutives ending in -i, dates to the Byzantine period, according to Horrocks (Greek: A history of the Language and Its Speakers [2nd edition] 286). The shift from delta to tau makes sense--both are dentals, as does the shift from i to e, since those vowels were often interchanged. At first I thought the word was genuinely Gk, as it's in Herodotus, for instance, but it turns out that it's Akkadian (saddinnu: cloth, garment). It's attested in Semitic languages (Jewish Palestinian Aramaic, Jewish Babylonian Aramaic, Christian Palestinian Aramaic) and I had assumed that it came to Aramaic dialects through Greek, but apparently not.

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