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  5. "He is Tanzanian"

"He is Tanzanian"

Translation:yeye ni mtanzania

February 20, 2017



How do capital letters work in Swahili? Does the start of a sentence not always get a capital? How about names of nationalities/countries/places/etc.?


Have an NZURI lingot! I bet you that, when one uses the Latin alphabet, it is a standard convention to capitalize the first word in a sentence. (So I'll also bet you - an nzuri lingot - that it is just a typographical error in the course here if a real sentence does not begin with a capital letter). I should have done my research!


Thank you! We'll see if you're right, and then you'll get the nzuri lingot back as per your bet ;)


when do you use mtanzania or watanzania?


Swahili us my language I just have some trouble.


'Yeye' is both masculine and feminine

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