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Really Enjoying The Swahili Course! (Thank You)

This is just a post to express my gratitude to the Swahili team. After reaching level five and nearly completing the first chapter of the course I can say it's a beautiful language to learn. I cannot wait for the audio to be released =]

Thank you for working so hard on the course and the posts regarding Swahili resources, it really does show in the course and it has certainly paid off!

I am looking forward to all the updates over the coming months.


February 20, 2017



I'm really enjoying it too!


What do you like best about it HufflepuffItalia?


well the tips and notes are really in depth, so its easy to learn and its just really fun to say the words


I agree, I'm unsure If I am pronouncing the words right at the moment, that's the tricky part.


yeah. I think its said phonetically though


I am also really enjoying it and very grateful to the team. This is a great way to learn and I am spreading the message as much as I can.

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