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  5. "Asha ni mwalimu mgeni."

"Asha ni mwalimu mgeni."

Translation:Asha is a substitute teacher.

February 20, 2017



Asha is the three time substitute teacher of the year. ;)


Why is it incorrect to say Asha is a visiting teacher


At least in US English, the proper term is "substitute teacher," for a teacher who fills in for one who's out sick or something. You have visiting professors at the college/university level, but that's completely different. A substitute is probably only in the class for a day or two; I'd think that a visiting teacher would be around for the whole year.


'Foreign' sounds odd in UK English if you mean a substitute teacher.


Could be a "guest" teacher


I interpreted mgeni as guest. Since i knew that mwalimu meant teacher, i figured it's English equivalent in this case would be "substitute". I was gonna put guest teacher at first, but something told me that would be wrong.


Yes, my native language is Dutch and we say guest teacher when there is occasionally someone from other school or university is giving 'guest' classes. We say occasionally teacher if its temporary teacher...


Asha is a supply teacher!


In British English a substitute teacher is called a supply teacher.

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