"Am un vițel sau un purcel?"

Translation:Do I have a calf or a piglet?

February 20, 2017



If you ever find yourself asking this question, please give the animals back and consider a different line of work

July 6, 2018



July 26, 2018


How do you tell if this is a question or a statement? Are there grammatical clues or is it just context or inflection? (I'm asking because this phrase was "spoken" by the computer voice so I thought it was a statement, I couldn't see the text until afterward)

February 20, 2017


We use tone to mark questions. If you listen closely, the TTS detects the question mark and it does raise its town on the last word. In reality, the tone change is more prominent. I can't describe it in writing. Maybe this will help you: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Romanian_phonology#Intonation

Fair warning: to me the explanation in that article seems wrong. In the first example, it suggests that only the last word is different from a declarative sentence, but I'm sure a change is present throughout the whole sentence. I'd recommend finding recordings of actual speakers.

March 9, 2017
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