"Numele cinematografului este Mihai."

Translation:The name of the cinema is Michael.

February 20, 2017

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It seems strange that a cinema would have a person's name.


It's common in Romania for schools, institutes, clinics and other official buildings to be named in honor of famous individuals, with these often just referred to as the last name of the person, e.g one might attend National College "Mihai Eminescu" (colloquially, you are a student at "Eminescu"). That being said, I have not seen a cinema named as such :)


You just dispersed much confusion


Possibly in commemoration Michael the Brave?


Britain has many cinemas, theatres, hospitals, museums, and even a reservoir named after members of the Royal Family. My favourite cinema was the Angel. I thought that a Catholic country would have places named after angels and saints. This one is named after Saint Michael.


How would you say "the cinematographer's name is Michael"? Seems like that would make more sense.


same I thought and same I'm wondering... anyone knows?


According to Google translate, it's exactly the same sentence. So apparently, cinematographer and cinema are the same word. Confusing...


Cinematographer is “director de imagine” or “operator” depending on context



"I've seen a man with a wooden leg called Michael." "And what's the name of the other leg?"


That is exactly what I was thinking ... a person's name as a restaurant is a bit strange


The cinema isn't really a restaurant, but I feel you.


I suppose it's kind of like some businesses being called things like Joe's or Alex's. Non-possessive surnames are pretty common, but first names are almost always possessive in this situation (in my experience, at least)


There is a Romanian movie - Tatal Fantoma - that includes a movie theater as a major plot point. The name of that theater is Excelsior. (the movie is excellent by the way, and is mostly in English despite being a Romanian movie)

There is an apartment bloc in Bucharest in the Piata Chibrit area, that has a former movie theater on the ground floor. That former theater is currently used by a TV station for studio space. The name of that theater happens to also be Excelsior.

On my last trip to Bucharest we went to a movie theater, I don't remember the name of the place, but it was not named after a person.

I understand what Hi_From_Tom said -- obviously lots of schools and whatnot are named after people.

Like some other answers here, I thought it might be referring to the cinematographer. But over on Google Translate the translation is the same as what Duolingo suggests. Further just the word "cinematografului" translates as "cinema", as does "cinematograful" and "cinematograf".

So we have to take from this that for once Duolingo did not give us a strange-seeming-but-bogus sentence, but a strange-seeming-but-correct sentence.

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