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"Jina lako ni nani mwanafunzi?"

Translation:What is your name, student?

February 20, 2017



How would I say "What is the student's name?"? Is it similar?


You asked this a year ago but it seems no one answered. You may already know the answer by now but just in case, your sentence would be "Jina la mwanafunzi ni nani?"


This is question is not directed to the student. Is like to say : Jina la huyo mwanafunzi ni nani ? This question might be asked when a student is already mentioned a name. Take a position as you write down those student names. And when you want to pardon you may ask: Amesema anaitwa nani ? Recalling to what a student name is.


I put, "Student, what is your name?" Is that correct, or does the word order have to match?


Same question for me. It is more natural for me to directly address the student first in the sentence.


Duo, please do better with instructions for swahili and please fix your audio problems.


This doesn't follow the format of the other languages.


Frustrating to say the least


What is the name of your student? Would that then be: jina ni nani mwanafunzi lako? ??


To be clear Swahili the question will have to ask : Mwanafunzi jina lako ni nani ? Student ,what's your name ?

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