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  5. "Biały sufit"

"Biały sufit"

Translation:A white ceiling

February 20, 2017



This is surprisingly similar to Italian "soffitto"


I understand ceiling is the inner part and roof is the outer part. Sometimes its interchangeable in English. Could roof work? or you have a different word for roof?


"roof" = "dach"


Is that you, God? ;)


Due to the audio (female voice) I wrote białe instead of biały - even on turtle speed I definitely heard an e at the end, not an y. But strangely enough it was accepted without even a typo remark.


It's a known bug that the audio exercises don't inform you that you made a typo :| Not to mention that a different, existing form should be treated as a mistake, not a typo...

I hear it as "biały", and the slow audio seems really clear to me... but then, e/y difference is somehow one of the most difficult for the learners to hear.

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