Translation:He is going to visit

February 21, 2017



This is supposed to be "Present 2" yet this is in the future tense. A mistake I assume it is?

February 21, 2017


I like it when they kind of "foreshadow" new things so to speak. Just one word so you can mouse it, yet the knowledge that adding -ta- is invaluable. ^^

March 6, 2017


I put he will visit, but then i remembered that I'm on present, then i removed the will. What an ambush by Duo.

March 12, 2017



-tembelea (infinitive kutembelea)

1) to visit

(So, the affirmative prefix for future tense is a- "-ta-" for singular third person, indicative; the negative prefix is h - a - "-ta-")

From Wiktionary: https://en.wiktionary.org/wiki/tembelea

Edit: I have put only the tense markers between "", -a- and h- are the other particles of the verb construction.

February 27, 2017


why not 'it will visit'

May 6, 2017


Why is it not "anatembelea"?

January 15, 2019


"na" is a tense marker that represents present tense. What is happening in this particular moment. "ta" is a tense marker that represents what will take place in the future. Ana = He/She IS(present).. Ata = He/She WILL (future) Una= You ARE (present) Uta= you WILL(future)

April 29, 2019
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