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How many noun classes?

How many noun classes are there in Swahili? I'm on the third lesson. Ki/Vi. How many more of these are there?

February 21, 2017



How you count them depends on how you break them down really. The good news is they tend to group together based on the type of noun. The basic noun classes are: m/wa - for people and animals m/mi - plants and trees (plus some others) ji/ma - most fruits and many other noun ki/vi - objects n/n - many of the foreign derived words (basikeli = bicycle) u/n - only a small group of nouns u/u - abstract nouns (uzuri = beauty, ukweli = truth) ku - gerunds (the infinitive verb is used as a noun) ku/pa/m - location/place class


I'm so excited sarcasm


On the plus side 9 are singular and 9 are plural and directly relate to each other! https://www2.ku.edu/~kiswahili/pdfs/Lesson_09.pdf


Ugh, it's still better than Spanish verbs. lol


That's funny XD Native Spanish speaker here


It's true though. So many ways to conjugate a verb in Spanish and all the irregular ones just make it more difficult. I don't know how you guys can so quickly recall which ones you need. I can do present and future and a little bit of the past tense but that's it. No moods nothing more.

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