"Jina lake ni Emilian."

Translation:His name is Emilian.

February 21, 2017



"Her name is Emilian" marked incorrect. -- Shouldn't this be accepted? I thought Emilian must be a female name.

February 21, 2017


I'm sorry. I didn't noticed one of the contributor is Emilian mbassa, and he is a man.
Thank you Emilian, hope you don't mind. I fell into a prejudice bias. Now that I think of it, It totally could be a man's name :)

February 23, 2017


Later the hint was extented to "Emilian (male name)". Hence, the (word by word) translation of "jina lake" can be only "(the) name his" and not "(the) name her". (8-Jul-2018)

July 8, 2018


Technically his or her should both be correct as yeye has no gender associated with it.

February 21, 2017


But Emilian is a masculine name and even Duolingo states that when you hover over it.

December 24, 2018


Her should be correct

February 24, 2017


Who is doing this in school

March 29, 2017


it means both male and female

March 1, 2017


how comes "Emilian is his name" is wrong? but in the "what is your name" the words were in the same sequence

March 1, 2017


"Emilian is his name" would be "Emilian ni jina lake"

March 2, 2017


Based on the "hover over" guidance, "lake" in this sentence appears to represent a singular or plural third person pronoun. Is there any clue given in the sentence (via spelling) that would indicate what gender the noun or pronoun represents?

May 19, 2017


As far as I know, in Swahili nouns and pronouns do not have gender so there is no way you can tell the gender. In the case of our example sentence you will only know from the name of the person that they are male or female.

May 19, 2017


Just a note for the "hover over" guidance for Kiswahili "lake": It states English "his, her, hers". For "lake" these all are singular possessive pronouns with regard to the "owner" = "he, she" as well as with regard to the noun owned which is of the JI/MA noun class (like "jina"). "his, her" from the hint are possessive pronouns and "his, hers" are substantival possessive pronouns (in English:... is his, ... is hers). I'm not familiar with the rules for the direct translation of the latter into Kiswahili. (8-Jul-2018)

July 8, 2018


Yeye can be male or female.

June 1, 2017


I got this right and it still marked it wrong so please explain

November 1, 2017


Well, either you made a mistake you didn't notice or it's a glitch. If it was just a glitch, report it. Or if you think you made a mistake, explain what you did.

July 9, 2018


emilian is girl i geuss

January 3, 2018


How do you say, 'what is your name?'

February 24, 2018


"What is your name" translates into "(je,) Jina lako ni nani?" (8-Jul-2018)

July 8, 2018


Anaitwa ni emilian, emilian ni mwanaume. Emilian ni jina la funny

July 1, 2018


No audio

December 25, 2018


Why is there no audio?

December 27, 2018


I totally agree with previous comments; surely Emilian is female!

January 3, 2019


Is Emilian a unisex name? Or we are only to use the musculine refrence

April 14, 2019
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