Are you an aspiring polyglot?

I found this interesting article while researching about polyglots:

February 21, 2017


Number 7 is a really good one. That seems to trouble a lot of beginners on here.

February 21, 2017

c'est vrai. I hate irregular verbs, especially French ones ;-;

Most of my polyglot heroes are in that article. Thank you for sharing it - it seems so simple when it's written down like that. I think the hardest thing is finding "what works for me." It seems to vary from stone cold beginner to A1 to A2... and maybe from language to language, but I haven't gotten that far yet :)

Nice article!!! Thanks for sharing it with us!!! :-)

[deactivated user]

    Wow! I love this article. Thanks for sharing

    "Make at least two hundred mistakes a day." --- I LIKE that habit, and think it's true for more than just learning languages. And, "Surround myself with my target language." ... let it soak in! Danke for sharing this; it was inspiring! Ich liebe lesen stuff like this (which I hope means I love to read stuff like this - an off-the-cuff attempt to use my new target language).

    Yep, doing all of those already. I wanna add one more: make sure to have plenty of fun while learning.

    Interesting article. My judo teacher knew over a dozen languages, he was a linguistics major.

    I know a number of world-class chess players, most of them speak 4 or 5 languages, some more than that.

    I'll be content if I can get to the point where I can read/speak French and maybe Irish.

    Never thought of number 9.

    Several years ago I met a Colombian guy who barely spoke English. But he wasn't afraid of try the hard way of learning English and wasn't afraid of doing mistakes. In one month he went from barely speaking English to speaking English fluently, even though there were still many mistakes but he kept trying and got help from others to improve his English. He's really an inspiration.

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