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When will the Duoling Greek Web Page have the Greek Words Learned

When will the Duolingo Greek Web Page have the "Greek Words Learned" similar to The Italian web page. Please consider putting the phonetics as well.

February 21, 2017


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Ok, there is a way to get the Greek word list. This works for me try it and let me know how it goes so we can add it to the Forum.


It says from Spanish but it could be from any other language where you have a Word page. I use Italian for example.

However, be aware after you close the tab you need to do this again to see your words there is no way that I have found to bookmark it. If you find one do let us know.

Please give feedback.


Nice, but it shouldn't be too difficult to change the coding so "Words" is available in Greek. I guess/hope it's just a matter of time.


Thanks to all the discussion contributors for the many solutions. Some have already been successful. I still hope that the website programmers will enhance the Greek Language website.

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