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  5. "Φοράω το μάλλινο παλτό μου."

"Φοράω το μάλλινο παλτό μου."

Translation:I wear my wool coat.

February 21, 2017



Wouldn't it be woolen coat?


Both are correct in English. Many nouns regularly serve as adjectives in English and they're called attributive nouns. (like wool scarf, cotton clothing, tree farms etc.) ^.^


It would be great if it accepted "woolly coat" too, as that's probably more common in the UK than "wool" or "woollen" in this context.




"woollen jacket"?


Jacket=Ζακέτα/Μπουφάν, but please also pay attention to the spelling of "woolen".


I guess that's another round of learning from Google Images for me then.

Also re "woollen" vs "woollen" - https://grammarist.com/spelling/woolen-woollen/


Whoops, it was actually included in our alternatives xD Thanks for the link.


NB. Correction - My phone even refuses to let me type "woolen" with the prevalent American spelling and insists on auto-correcting it to the prevalent Commonwealth spelling "woollen"...!


"Woolen" isn't a term that you're going to hear much in the United States. We tend to take the material and use it as an adjective almost in the same way the Germans create compound words. Wood is the only material that I can think of that transforms into "wooden" with any consistency.


Wool coat doesnt sound right Woollen sound much better


woolen, just like golden, leaden, wooden, archaic silvern and leathern...


It should be woolen!


It said above, this is now accepted. Was it wrong in your answer? If so, report it...


Screen and audio never showed or spoke the μου. Well, not until after, then it showed but was still not in the audio.


What type of exercise was it? It's ok on my end.


G - using a Motorola, I get the occasional blip but during the exercise μου was never spoken ( I had to translate Greek spoken phrase into English). It told me I was incorrect and should have had MY at the end of the sentence. At the end of the exercise when "wrong" answer questions are repeated, it clearly missed μου from the audio. I included MY in my answer and was correct. Just an occasional blip I think. Just wondered if others had experienced it. All that being said, love the APP, hopefully Λέχαιο / Άσσος will understand me in June.


From what I listened to, I can hear "μου", but maybe it sounds somewhat muffled and fused with "palto" (paltommm(?)) to a learner. Maybe that's what threw you off. On the other hand, I sometimes get the impression that the audio is less consistent in the web version.


As per my comment above, when it came back up it never nentioned μου, i inluded it and it was correct. Strange.


Update, just got asked the same question again, this time the μου was clearly audible.


Well, the audio is always the same so it might just be that you didn't notice the "μου" first time around. If it happens again let us know.


Do we use "το" in this context because we are the coat is the direct object of the sentence?


Do we use "το" in this context because we are the coat is the direct object of the sentence?

A two part answer:

  • with a possessive, you always need a definite article; "my father" can't simply be πατέρας μου, for example.
  • in this sentence, "my wool coat" is the direct object of the sentence, so you need the accusative form of the definite article

Since παλτό is neuter, you need neuter accusative το. (Which happens to look exactly like neuter nominative, since those two cases always look the same for neuter words -- in all Indo-European languages I know of.)

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