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  5. "I am not playing today"

"I am not playing today"

Translation:Leo sichezi

February 21, 2017



Can this be reversed? Is "Sichezi leo" wrong?


It feels like it should be. Though i don't know whether Sichezi leo is just something commonly accepted in every day speech versus grammatically correct Swahili.

https://www.duolingo.com/profile/John M.

I'm a native speaker, yes you can and I was surprised when it said it was incorrect.


Wait, are dance and play can be the same word?


Yes! Kucheza can mean to dance or to play. It depends on the context to define the meaning.


Go over how the root word changes. Is it always that the last vowel changes from a to i as in cheza to chezi in the negative?


In negative present: 1. No tense sign is used; 2. If the last vowel is an ā€œaā€, it is changed into ā€œiā€; and 3. Negative subject prefixes are used.

From this skill's tips and notes :) (https://www.duolingo.com/skill/sw/Present-Tense-1/tips-and-notes).


Almost, if not always any verbs ending with a changes to end with I in the negative present tense.


You're not playing today?? Well, that's just stubborn.

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