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"The girl knows the right order."

Translation:Το κορίτσι ξέρει τη σωστή ακολουθία.

February 21, 2017



Does anyone know the rule for when την becomes τη ?


When the following word's (noun, or adj.) first letter is a vowel or κ, π, τ, μπ, ντ, γκ, ξ, or ψ, the final -ν is not ommited. When the following word's (noun, or adj.) first letter is β, δ, γ, φ, θ, χ, μ, ν, λ, ρ, σ, ζ, the final -ν is ommited.

This rule only applies to the feminine gender. ^.^


Many thanks :)


Until now, it seemed the ν in theses cases was optional, but now they seem to be altogether forbidden. Is there any subtlety I have missed about when omitting is obligatory or optional?


Την is accepted as correct. Was it not accepted for you? What was the whole sentence that you wrote?


Could you explain why διαδοχή is not accepted here? In the previous exercise it was given as the example for order. Thanks.


Διαδοχή may be a translation to order, however it's not that commonly used, especially in such cases. Διαδοχή is mostly used in the meaning of succession (for example, succession of a throne.). However, the verb and the adjective, διαδέχομαι and διαδοχικός, are something one might come across more often in texts or speech. ^.^

(Also, keep in mind that hints are a form of 'dictionary'. We have to include all possible meanings, even if they aren't interchangeable in all cases. So don't be taken aback if you choose a word from the hints and it is nowhere to be found in translations. :P)


Great, thanks so much for the clarification!!!


παραγγελια is also an abstract object. I don't mean a command (or a sequence), I mean a shopping list, or items selected from the menu.


σειρά too, I guess.

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