"Deal with it!"

Translation:Πάρε το απόφαση!

February 21, 2017

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Isn't this translation wrong? Απόφαση is feminine, shouldn't the answer be "Πάρε την απόφαση!"?


Um, this sentence is a bit idiomatic. It's almost like saying "Take this/it as a decision", "Decide to accept it". Πάρ' το απόφαση is a phrase that is very commonly used in Greece.:P


In English "Deal with it!" is also often used for things that just happen in our life and we have no control over, like a flood or hurricane. Is the Greek meaning this wide? It sounds like an important expression to understand correctly.


I would say that the Greek translation might refer to something a bit more personal, without excluding everything else. There are a lot of expressions that are used in contexts like these, like "Χώνεψέ το" (technically, "Digest it"), "Ό,τι έγινε, έγινε" ( "Whatever's done, it's done) etc. I'd say the second one is more commonly used for things we have no control over.


Thanks very much! It is people like you and answers like this that make Duolingo so valuable.


And that's the most valuable thing for a moderator to hear. Thank you for your kind words. ^.^


I found the question and answer rather mystifying... I fully understand how important phraseology is in most languages, but from the learning viewpoint perhaps this should be given a more pedagogical slant...


Would πάρε την απόφαση have the same meaning


"Deal with it" is a fixed phrase in English, it's the same with Greek. "Πάρε την απόφαση" would mean "Make the decision", if anyone ever said that.

<pre>Thanks to Dimitra for her valuable explanations. </pre>


You're welcome, and also thank you. I'm glad to know I've helped, even in the slightest. ^.^




Can I use the verb "αντιμετωπίζω"? like: "αντιμετώπισε το"?


Good thinking, but no. :) Αντιμετωπίζω suggests you are going to take (some) action, it's closer to 'face it' (αντί + μέτωπο + -ίζω), while the sentence is meant as 'this is how it's going to be, make your peace with it / come to terms with it'. For example, the expression αντιμετωπίζω ψυχολογικά προβλήματα means to face psychological problems, with to face pointing to the resulting difficulties you have to overcome / work against rather than the suffering (for which you can say 'υποφέρω'). In short, Αντιμετώπισέ το would be a call to action.

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