"Tuna mazungumzo"

Translation:We have a conversation

February 21, 2017

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Mazungumzo is always used in the plural form in my experience. The verb is Kuzungumza - to discuss. Discusssions or/ a discussion or/ talks should be allowed


Would "tunazungumza" then mean "we discuss"?


we have conversation vs we have A conversation?


We have a conversation... Our we have conversations.. NOT we have conversation


The Swahili solution for a word meaning "conversation" is eminently logical. The verb for "to chat" is kuzungumza. A single "chat contribution" cannot be termed "conversation". Multiple "chat contributions" or "units of chat" can be termed "conversation". So the Swahili word implicitly acknowledges the inherent plurality of the concept "conversation". What I wonder is how you say, in Swahili, "conversations", as , for example, "Many conversations have taken place around this log fire over the years."


Often the problem is not with swahili, but trying to guess the answer in weird english!


we have conversation is indeed weird English, it should be we're having a conversation


It should definitely be we're having a conversation. Agreed!


Why is this singular in English?


I think "mazungumzo" can be used as singular and plural.

We have a conversation.

We have conversations.

See the next section for Ji-Ma class in the text of the link:

D). Majina ya vitu ambavyo havihesabiki

[nouns of things that cannot be counted, which exist only in the plural form]

(there are other examples as: matata (problems), mazingira (environment), maarifa (knowledge))

From KU (The University of Kansas): http://www2.ku.edu/~kiswahili/pdfs/lesson_09.pdf


There is mazungumzo = discussions, conversations. (noun)

There is kuzungumza = to discuss. (verb)

Tuna as a separate word means 'we have' . Kila wiki katika kila baraza tuna mazungumzo juu ya ... Every week and in every meeting we have discusssions on ....

Tunazungumza (one word) is 'we discuss'


I've always understood this to mean either singular or plural. Is there a specific way to pluralize this?


Tuna is in the present, best to be translated as "we are having". Well you can just be in one conversation at a time. If you are often in conversations, you should say: usually i have conversations. That would be something like "Sisi huwa na mazungumzo". Right?


'Tuna' can also be translated as 'we have', si ndiyo? We have conversations

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    I am used to seeing this "kuwa na mazungumzo" construction mostly in news reports, e.g., "Kesho rais atakuwa na mazungumzo na waziri mkuu kabla ya kuendelea na safari yake" -- Tomorrow the president will have talks with the prime minister before continuing with his trip.


    That construction in used because it is in the future tense. Ana - he has or he is having Atakuwa na - he will have


    Is Tunamazungumzo (one word) supposed to be accepted?

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      "Tunamazungumzo" should not be accepted, but Duo might let you get away with it by calling it a "typo". It should be either "Tuna mazungumzo" or "Tunazungumza". (Personally, I prefer the second one.)

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