Translation:I am fine.

February 21, 2017

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"I'm good" should be acceptable.


I think so too.


This community is amazing. I love reading comments in lessons


Me too! Where are you from Petr and why are you learning Swahili?


Czech Republic. I discovered Swahili here on Duolingo and I am trying it just out of curiosity :) It is a lot different than traditional indoeuropean languages. I like it and I am still getting into it :)


Why give "good" as a correct choice then tell me I'm wrong for choosing it?!


What if I answer with Mimi ni safi?


That is more of a slang way to answer. in Kenya that would fine!


Etymology (sijambo)

Contraction of sina + jambo. Literally, "I don't have anything."



1) (greeting) I'm fine.

A: Hujambo? B: Sijambo.

From Wiktionary: https://en.wiktionary.org/wiki/sijambo


Hujambo literally means 'Do you have an issue/Is anything wrong?' Sijambo as a reply means 'I do not have an issue/Nothing is the matter'.


Asante Dalaryn! All the information about this is very interesting, and I understand the words "jambo" and "mambo" are very used. As a Capoeira lover, I feel the African roots and culture as the heart of my life so you have always my immense gratitude. =)


So why exactly is it not correct to translate this as "I am ok." But with every other form of x + jambo it's perfectly fine?


Ok, so what's the EXACT meaning of Jambo, and how it turns to this?


In a way it has multiple meanings depending on context


Asante sana! Thank you for the helpful comments. Ive heard swahili spoken enough to get the sound but some words and sentences are confusing


how would you pronounce this?


The stress is on the penultimate syllable si-JA-mbo.

Try listening to the pronunciation of greetings here: https://2seedsswahili.wordpress.com/2013/05/08/swahiliunit1/


This is a big help, thank you so much!


Safi! Karibu sana! =)


Oh man! How did you manage to learn all those languages! Even Czech on level 11! Are you semi-god or something? What's the magic here? :D


Hi, PetrGasparik! The only languages I have learned better are English, Portuguese, a little of French and Italian, and also I have learned Indonesian with other websites and apps. My native language is Spanish. I have studied these languages before starting languages in Duolingo. I have practiced English for Indonesian together with other English courses since April 2014, and then I have added every course for all the possibilities in Duolingo, even from Arabic, Vietnamese, Chinese, Hindi, Japanese, Korean, Thai, and all the other language combinations. But, there is not any magic to do that. I am trying to use two courses at the time (when the languages are really new for me), and sometimes I can practice three languages during a week if they are languages I learned before.

The course of English for Czech speakers has been really interesting for me since a long time. Now I am trying to practice Czech and the reversed tree to advance the same amount of exercises. I am combining the Welsh course with those courses to keep the same level together, but still I cannot say I am good in every language. Good luck with your studies! ¡Mucha buena suerte con español! =)


Thnak you for the answer! A lingot for you!

[deactivated user]

    This is such a great link, when you hear the sound bites, the pronunciations are a lot easier to understand, than you'd assume (at least that's what I've found). Thank you!


    Thank you! I was hoping I'd find some audio in the comments!


    When translating i'm not sure if i should use the literal or the equivalent. I translated Sijambo literally and it was wrong!


    Si jambo ➡️ hujambo

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