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How long does it take to complete a language course on Duo lingo?

At the rate of 1 hour a day, how long do you think it would take to complete the course?

February 23, 2013



We've seen between 4-6 months for most people.


I've spent 8 months so for and it will take me at least 2 more months to finish.


do you feel like you are getting good results from the time you have committed?


Yeah I do. I have intermittent memory problems but when I am feeling fine and running on all cylinders I am amazed sometimes how much I have learned.


Thanks for your feedback. I find it is always a struggle between which language programs will waste the least amount of time. I am really liking how duolingo operates. (and how it encourages your interest to come back) - All of the other introductory langauge options from my experience are extremely easy to set down and lapse without immense self control


If you set out to complete one lesson per day, how long will it take to complete a lesson? I would like to set some sort of time goal for myself


Assuming a lesson is 6 to 7 words and there are 1735 words in the skill tree that would be around 8-10 months. I'm averaging less than a new lesson a day and I'm on my 12'th month. Move at what ever pace you feel comfortable with.


I'm glad to hear that. It seems like it is taking a long time for me, however I'm not so concerned with completing the tree, but to really comprehend the language. I placed at French 6 and now i'm at 8 maybe two months later, but the tree work is slow.


How long does it take a student learning English, on average, to complete a lesson? A difficult question because we learn at different paces but is it possible to estimate an average amount of time on a lesson? Say for example 1 hour per lesson. Is that too little or too much time?

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