"Wewe ni Mmarekani"

Translation:You are American

February 21, 2017

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Audio is still being worked on, as this was an early beta release. And -marekani is the base. An 'm' prefix makes it singular, a 'wa' prefix would be plural. Proper nouns should be capitalized, i'm sure it'll be fixed as the course progresses.


now i know when to use he is american and you (plural) are american thanks


language is so simple if your funny and creative try it trust me and trust in the lord


I am Kenyan and very interested in assisting with the audio. If possible, how can I?


You would have to write those who make the course. (They are shown when you click on the course)


How young and naive we were!


1) Is it just me or is the audio not working?
2) I see a double m in mmarekani. Quite different from the other nationalities: mtanzania, machina, mkenya, mholanzi.
3) In the exercise, I came across two nationalities that had the first letter in uppercase. Mmarekani and Mchina. Are there rules for nationalities or can they be written in any way? Are both Mmarekani and mmarekani and Mchina and mchina correct?


America translates to Marekani

American translates to Mmarekani

To show the nationality of a person we add the prefix m

Mkenya where Kenya is the country Mchina - China Mtanzania - Tanzania


If you still have questions, see Dalaryn's answer above... ;)


Audio still not working? What happened? I want to hear the proper pronunciations of these words.


It still is in Beta, so work-in-progress.


I have zero sound.

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