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  5. "Kitabu kina picha"

"Kitabu kina picha"

Translation:The book has pictures

February 21, 2017



Because kitabu belongs to the ki/vi noun class. But not so sure why pictures are in plural? It doesnt seem to be possible to derive it from the sentence, still 'a picture' is being marked as not correct..


How does that work? The tips on "To Have" only mentions "ana" for he/she/it has. And the Ki/Vi tips don't mention it at all. Are there other forms for other noun classes?


Yes, the verb "kuna" (which means "to have") must agree with the subject like other verbs.

Msichana ana - the girl has Watanzania wana - the Tanzanians have Kitabu kina - the book has


Is “picha“ from “picture“?


As far as I know, definitely. Many modern/technological words are.

It's funny because in my language (Slovak) it is the most offensive word you can say to a woman... And when you see little tanzanian kids running towards you yelling "picha, picha" at you - had some explaining to do to my parents, that's for sure! :-D

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