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  5. "It is an apple."

"It is an apple."

Translation:C'est une pomme.

February 23, 2013



why the apple in the word,don't use La?


In English as well as in French, there are 2 main types of articles: indefinite and definite.

  • indefinite = an apple / une pomme, a tree / un arbre... meaning "one". ->note that in the plural form, there is no indefinite article in English, but in French, the plural of un/une is "des"

  • definite = the apple / la pomme, the tree / l'arbre... meaning one in particular, which is "defined" by context: the apple that is on the table (not an apple among others but a special one). -> note that in the plural form, "the" remains "the", but le/la become "les" -> also note that le or la in front of a word starting with a vowel or a non aspired H, become l' (L + apostrophe)

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