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  5. "Wao ni tajiri"

"Wao ni tajiri"

Translation:They are rich

February 21, 2017



This actually means "trader" in Arabic, تاجر /tajir/. The word must be very old!


I'm just curious but how many languages do you speak? Farsi, English, Arabic and? It's impressive.


Thank you! I'm afraid it's not as impressive as you thought: Farsi is my mother tongue, English is a second language of mine (although not as weak as the term "second language" suggests), and that's it! As a result of six years of incomplete Arabic education at school, I can read and dissect Arabic texts at a decent level, but not speak.
Aside from that and a set of Firefox bookmarks, I only know which book to search or who to ask. :-)


Well, that's still cool. I only speak weak to moderate Spanish and native English. I can read some Portuguese and am working on Swahili. It takes time though, ya know?


Time, time indeed! It's been six years I'm learning English, and there's still a lot to learn. The thing is not to give up, no matter what, don't give up, my friend and fellow learner!


Well, your English is very good. We'll keep up this long journey together even if we're on different sides of the planet. (I'm American)


Could it also mean: They are the employer ?


No. That would be "wao ni waajiri".


Did you find this somewhere? Duolingo states tajiri is employer (singular) or matajiri (plural). A reference might be helpful.


There's a lot to say about this word.

Tajiri means rich, comes from the arab language where it means "merchant" I also found it used in the meaning "hope" (see https://www.facebook.com/GoodMorningAmerica/posts/10154585078777061 ). In the Duolingo course I found matajiri the be translated as "employers" where in the annotations for the Ji/ma noun class tajiri is used as a singular "employer".

So it seems to have lot of meanings. It is a bit hard to find accurate information on this word.


Just found some critisism:

Correction Tajiri in Swahili means Rich Hope= Tumaini

They blame google translate, but I assure you google translate does not yet translate the word tajiri. Maybe the confusion is caused by regional differences.

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