"How is work brother?"

Translation:Habari za kazi kaka?

February 21, 2017

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What is the difference between ya and za?


It goes back to what is called ngeli in Kiswahili, which is the classification of nouns in singular and plural which will determine whether 'ya' or 'za' and other similar terms will be used. Za is used when the noun in question is plural, and ya is used when the noun is singular. In this case, kazi or work is assumed to refer to a lot of work that the brother has done, hence the use of "za" and not "ya".


oh thanks that helps a lot!!!!


Glad to hear it. Have fun learning Swahili!


Should ndugu not be accepted? It is used in Kenyan Swahili.


In Swahili 'ndugu' doesn't necessarily mean brother. Ndugu roughly translates to relative or relatives. It's not specific to any person or sex.


sometimes ndugu can be used even for a close friend that is like family.


So is "kaka" meant for a male sibling, or can it be a close friend? (Similarly to how we would use 'brother' in English)?)

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