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Idioms topic impossible to turn gold

Is it just something I'm doing wrong or is it nearly impossible to practice the "Idioms" lesson enough to turn it gold? All the other lessons only need a few answers to refresh their gold status, but the Idioms lesson continues to grind on my OCD-like need to turn everything gold.

If there is no way to turn it gold, is there at least a way to hide the lesson?

March 6, 2014



We are working on the strengthen model for the bonus skills. Our team is on it :)


Thank you so much for the quick response! I appreciate all the Duolingo team does =)


It is not working for me


Wish I'd never "bought" that damned Idioms lesson, you are right it's a pain in the arsch.


Are you using the strengthen skills button or practicing it separately? I haven't seen idioms showing up in my strengthen skills, but when I went to the lesson and chose strengthen there, it turned gold after one redo.


I'm practicing it separately. However, I don't do each individual lesson within the topic separately.

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