What is "international day of mother tongue" called in your mother tongue?

My mother tongue is Polish, so it's "międzynarodowy dzień języka ojczystego".

February 21, 2017


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I didn't even know that was a thing. Well, my native language is English so you already know I guess. lol

February 21, 2017

Oh wow. I knew the UN had a day for its six working languages but I didn't think they cared about any others.

国際母国語の日 kokusai haha kokugo no hi I believe.

国際の母国語の日 Kokusai no bokokugo no hi. I think. 母国語 is "bokokugo" though. :) I have trouble with compound kanji too. You might also be able to shorten 母国語 to 母語 (bogo) which is also "native language". :D

Look at my reply.

Close. But it would be 国際母語の日. 国際 = international, 母語 = mother language, and の日 = day of.

Internationaler Tag der Muttersprache (german)

Persian: روز جهانی زبان مادری With Roman alphabet: Rouze Jahaniye Zabane Madari

Russian: Междунаро́дный день родно́го языка́ (Mezhdunarodnyy den' rodnogo yazyka)

pretty similar to Polish!

Kansainvälinen äidinkielen päivä (Finnish). :)

does "päivä" mean day in Finnish?

Swedish: Internationella modersmålsdagen.

Mezinárodní den mateřského jazyka (Czech)

I can only surmise that the name "International Mother Language Day" wasn't developed by someone whose "mother language" was English.

Lá idirnáisiúnta na máthairtheanga (law i-jir-naw-shoon-tuh na maw-hir-hyowng-gah)

what language is that?

Irish (an Ghaeilge) not my native so to speak. But I grew up with it.

Lá Idirnáisiúnta na Máthairtheangacha, is the official translation, but it strikes me as a literal translation largely for the sake of this particular phrase (even though it uses the plural Máthairtheangacha/"languages") - the normal phrase used in Irish to refer to a persons "mother/native tongue/language" is teanga dhúchais, where dúchas can be understood as "heritage" or "traditional", or something that has been passed down to you.

Tuigim é sin nois, an béarlachas é "máthairtheanga"?

Tá cuma béarlachas ar, i mo thuairimse, ach b'fhéidir go bhfuil sé úsáideach chun idirdhealú a dhéanamh idir an Ghaeilge agus teangachqa eile?

Mé féin, deirim í ach creidim go bhfuil sé níos deise labhairt an caighdeán oifigiúl.

Dutch: Internationale Moedertaaldag.

Here's what "international day of mother tongue" is in my mother tongue: "international day of mother tongue"

Dia internacional da língua materna. (Portuguese) :)

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    The Unesco International Mother language day is translated to "Journée internationale de la langue maternelle" (French) . Here is a Wikipedia link: And here is the Unesco link who created this day in 1999:

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      It's "ngày tiếng mẹ đẻ quốc tế" in Vietnamese.

      "Nemzetközi anyanyelvi nap" (Hungarian), I think its the most literal...

      जागतिक मातृभाषा दिन - Jaagatik maatrubhaashaa din Marathi

      Tarptautinė gimtosios kalbos diena (Lithuanian)

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