Typos in tips & notes.

Hello! Thanks for releasing this course, so far I'm enjoying it... :D

I found some strange thing in the first tips & notes... since I don't know where to report them...

(1) Introduction

After the first table, there is this line, after the first table

"Personal pronouns (m-/wa- noun class) mimi I/me wewe you yeye he/she/him/her sisi we/us ninyi you(pl.) wao they/them"

Since the pronouns are on the table, isn't this reduntant?

(2) Food

I am quoting the tips and notes, with some markings (in bold, upper case)

"There are specific Swahili words that are used for some popular foods in East Africa.XFood such as UgaliXis rightly called Ugali rather than its translation stiff porridge. Pilau is often known as PilauY Nyama choma is nyama choma"

There are spaces missing where I put the X's, and a period is missing where I put the Y.

Thank you! :)

February 21, 2017


Edited! And I expanded on the Food skill one a bit to make it more clear. If you have any more typos or errors spotted, keep them coming! We greatly appreciate it!

February 24, 2017

Thank you!

I have few more things to point out.

(1) Ki-vi skill:

"The KI- VI- noun class is probably the easiest to recognize. All of the nouns will either start with ki- in the singular or vi- in the plural, unless the stem begins with a vowel. In that case, the concords will be ch- and vy-."

So the first example in the table is "kiatu/viatu", in which the stem apparently starts with a vowel.

(2) Commands skill:

In the last line, all the words are together... some aesthetic improvements can be made. Also, I am being asked in my reviews about Negative Imperative, which is not in the tips & notes.

(3) Past 2 (Immediate Past) skill:

Lesson 1 follows the tips notes. The problem is that the lesson 2 has some examples in what seems to be the "negative immediate past", which is not mentioned.

(4) All around the tree:

By what I read here, in the tips notes the word "mifano" appears all around. By the context I think this means "example", but I wasn't expecting to find a kiswahili word there... :)

Thank you again for the course, and if I find more possible improvements I'll write you again. :)

March 30, 2017

(5) Past 2 Skill, lesson 3

There are some sentences, being the first one "Limejaa" which uses some kind of impersonal construction which I was not able to identify (is this some kind of agreement of the "it" person of the verb?). This kind of thing was not explained in the tips and notes as well, at least as far as I got (Past 2/Future Skill).

March 31, 2017
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