Latin for Duolingo: Future Tense, Lesson 3

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This lesson we’ll continue with future tense, with some irregular verbs and deponent verbs. The basic paradigms (bo, bis, bit, bimus, bitis, bunt / am, es, et, emus, etis, ent) that we’ve studied in the past two lessons take care of the vast majority of (active) future tense forms, but for deponent verbs (verbs with active meaning but passive in form) we will need to be familiar with those forms as well. Basically, we are learning the passive voice forms before studying the passive voice, but you can think of it as saving time later on. Here are some sample conjugations of deponent verbs in future tense:

conor (1st conj.): conabor, conaberis, conabitur, conabimur, conabimini, conabuntur
loquor (3rd conj.): loquar, loqueris, loquetur, loquemur, loquemini, loquentur

New Sentences
Gaius signum feret. = Gaius will bear the standard.
Lac domum adferent (afferent). = They will bring/carry the milk home.
Abibimus. = We will go away.
Aderisne? = Will you be present?
Cives Americana fiam. = I will become an American citizen.
Multa ante diem Veneris fient. = Many things will be done/ happen before Friday.
Marcus ire volet. = Marcus will want to go.
Laborare nolent. = They will not want to work.
Conabor. = I will try.
Paula iterum conabitur. = Paula will try again.
Luciam sequentur. = They will follow Lucia.
Latine loquar. = I will speak Latin.
De Romā antiquā loqueris/ loquemini. = You will speak about ancient Rome.
Mater tecum loquetur. = Mother will speak with you.
Infans mox nascetur. = The baby will be born soon.
Nascentur, vivent, et morientur. = They will be born, they will live, and they will die.
Computatro utar. = I will use the computer.
Sol cras orietur. = The sun will rise tomorrow.
Non obliviscar. = I will not forget.
Marcus Luciae recordabitur. = Marcus will remember Lucia.
Hoc non patietur. = He will not allow this.

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February 21, 2017


Hi, I made this to say thank you hope you like it:

February 22, 2017

Tibi multas gratias ago! Bonam fortunam in omnibus habeas!

February 22, 2017

This brings back memories of high school, so many years ago, when I took two years of latin. Not sure how much of it I remember, or the extent to which that is helping me learn French now.

Is anyone working on a Latin module in the incubator?

February 22, 2017

Sadly, no... though I'd be more than happy to contribute if asked. Many have applied over the years, but it remains up to the Duolingo staff to make the final call. I hope it will be soon.

February 22, 2017
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