"I am going to the shop"

Translation:Ninaenda dukani

February 21, 2017

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ninakwenda is also correct conjugation


Dukani vs maduka... Anyone have some clarification?


anytime the suffix "-in" is added to a noun it confers the meaning of a preposition. so "dukani" would be "to the shop" whereas "duka" is "shop". The exception to this is proper nouns, i.e., you would not say "tanzaniani" (adding the ni), you just would leave it Tanzania. Maduka is plural of duka.


Why wasn't this taught in the lessons proper? I do the lessons, read the notes and then cannot do the reviews. I'm about to give up on learning this language here.


I have the same problem. But if you are on a computer (not tablet) then you can hover on the problem and the answer will appear as a prompt. After a while, you won't need the prompts.


Totally understandable, it gets frustrating to learn via computer program; keep at it and take it slow and it will grow ever clearer :)


Ninaenda duka is wrong : why ??

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