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"Look at the students"

Translation:Angalieni wanafunzi

February 21, 2017



the singular vs plural directive should be indicated in the english; thus, (you all) look at the students = angalieni, vs. (you singular) look at the students = angalia. adding a subject prefix would also change the suffix: mangalieni (pl.) and uangalie (sing.), as well as change the meaning to make it a polite request rather than an order


As is my understanding, the polite request for 2pl is mwangalie. The m becomes mw before a vowel and the -(e)ni suffix is only used to disambiguate.


Yes, "mwangalieni" - the -eni at least is not wrong. (I don't feel like it should be dropped.)


Hmm, the way I've seen it used, the -eni is only used on the direct imperative:

angalia > angalieni

And in situations where the object is plural you.

ninawapenda (I love them) > ninawapendeni I love you all.

With the polite imperative (subjunctive), the subject prefix is there, just like almost any other verb form.

uangalie > mwangalie

I'm not saying it's expressly wrong, but I haven't seen the -(e)ni suffix used with the polite imperative.

Mwangalieni to me looks like the direct imperative plural "Look at him/her!", with the "Mw-" appearing as an object prefix rather than a subject prefix.


I believe it is regional.

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