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  5. "We would like an answer"

"We would like an answer"

Translation:Tunaomba jibu

February 21, 2017



you have written "would" which uses the '-nge-' tense. therefore this is not a correct translation. the proper translation for tunaomba jibu is 'we are requesting an answer' (vs. tungepanda jibu = we would like an answer)


I'm confused. What is wrong with tunapenda. Are both tunapenda and wanapenda valid words?


I think the problem here is the phrasing they decided to use for English. It should really say something like "we ask for an answer" or "we are requesting an answer". "Tunapenda" would be we like/love something, "tunaomba" is to ask for something. Don't worry, I've made that mistake with this sentence more than once if I'm rushing because of them using the word like.


Would 'tunataka jibu' capture the same meaning?

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