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XP comp! *bounces like a little kid*

Sorry I was inactive for a little while... OK a long while. If you were in any of my previous competitions please join this one. Sorry about my last comp. I was SUPERbusy! :( Sooooo... if you are confused about the rules: I will post on the discussion and your profile the day before the compe begins I will not bein the comp Whoever wins the most XP wins The winner receives 30 lingots I will follow everyone who enters to keep track on their XP No cheating! Have fun! (squeals like a little kid and stares at computer waiting for ppl to join)

  1. VinceMonroe

  2. - Lizzy -

  3. LoveRussian

  4. GarettHoffmanOH

  5. berniesandwich

  6. IanShales

  7. PonyGirl08

  8. Mathso2

  9. IamElijahRenz

  10. -aperture-

  11. JJT60K

  12. Kareem136704

  13. MauriceDun

  14. CamilleHoffman

  15. Jameson489190

  16. SavageRhino2003

  17. YoloKatz

  18. ccKINGg

  19. DianaSobie14

  20. kedy10

  21. Abhishek704123

  22. FJIbarra21

  23. Purfectsbestie

  24. ArianaGrande_33

1 year ago