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"What did we talk about yesterday?"

Translation:¿De qué hablamos ayer?

February 23, 2013



Why is for yesterday present tense used but not past tense?


they are the same in 'ar' and 'ir' verbs as the preterite--'er' verbs take an -imos ending in the preterite


Why do you need de here?


I surprised myself in coming up with the right answer on this one. But in answer to your question I thought of phrasing it like "Of what did we speak today". "De" meaning "of". Spanish tends to put the horse before the cart many times in my mind.


When de you use "de" and when do you use 'acerca de"


'De' means of and 'Acerca de' means about


Although both are accepted here


Why was I marked wrong for: "¿De que hablabamos ayer?" In English, there is some overlap between the meaning of "we did talk" (hablamos) and that of "we were talking" (hablabamos). Shouldn't my answer also be accepted, especially seeing as how a conversation can be a continuous activity stretching over an indeterminate span of time?


¿Qué hablamos sobre ayer? What's wrong with this?


Why is it wrong to add nosotros ?

De qué nosotros hablamos ayer ?


When asking a question that starts with a question word (like "qué"), or in this case, a question phrase ("de qué"), you have to invert the subject and verb. (i.e., "¿De qué hablamos nosotros ayer?") But there's no reason to use the subject pronoun ("nosotros") when the verb leaves no doubt who is doing the talking, unless you really want to emphasize that you're asking what WE (and no one else) talked about yesterday. Spanish is already heavy on the syllables, so native speakers only use the subject pronoun for emphasis or when it is not obvious from the verb or from context.


why is cual not permitted?


I think of "cual" as more closely meaning "which" and to use "which" there needs to be some narrow list of possibilities. When it is more open ended and unknown you use "what"/ "qué"


I'd like to know what is wrong with ¿En qué hablamos ayer? I've seen ¿En qué piensas? for what are you thinking about.


Pensar en, hablar de/sobre, soñar con, dudar de...
Different verbs, different prepositions


Why can't I say ¿De qué hablamos ayer acerca?


Partly because "acerca" would be doing the same job already done here by "de", so it's redundant. It would be like asking, "Of what did we speak yesterday about?" But mainly because Spanish speakers almost universally use the "De qué" + hablar (+ subject pronoun) construction when asking what someone is talking about. I lived with a Colombian family for over a year and never heard the question asked in a different way.


Why is that sentence written in "Pretérito" ? Actually it should be definitely "Imperfecto" because there's a time period, and in this period was something done? I mean, why not "De qué hablábamos" but "De qué hablamos" ?????

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