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Help Duolingo with Bot conversation ideas!

Duolingo’s new Bots love chatting about everything under the sun. From Valentine’s Day plans to travel tips to solving mysteries, Bots are fun conversation partners to practice with.

We have a great time creating these experiences here at Duolingo HQ, but we would love to open it up and incorporate your ideas as well!

Post and vote on your favorite chat scenarios below. You can propose a topic –it can either be a place (the beach, another planet…) or a concept (seasons, talking about the future...) and a goal (finding a friend, convincing an alien that you are not a threat etc.), just make sure you read through previous comments to avoid duplicate topics, and try to use the following format:

“Topic: Seasons / Goal: Make vacation plans to avoid the cold Winter days”

All fun, appropriate* ideas are welcome. Let’s see what we can come up with together! : )

* Of course nothing too controversial or inappropriate here – please keep this PG-13.

* For the sake of clarity and focus, we’ll remove all comments not related to scenarios.

February 21, 2017



If you would like to include more of the history/culture associated with a language you could have a time travel scenario. The bots could be famous historical figures. For example, in the French course you could have a conversation with Napoleon, or Leonardo Da Vinci in the Italian course.


Maybe for the German course, in addition to talking to people from all over the German speaking world, like Kafka, Einstein and Mozart you could incorporate some of the Brothers Grimm fairy tales.

For the Russian course you could also talk to Valentina Tereshkova, Tolstoy, Peter the Great or Dostoevsky.


Ich liebe das Idee! :) I love the idea of using fairy tales in general for any of the languages, because all countries have their own folk tales.


no offence, but it's 'die Idee'.


who cares ding1dong123


Interesting idea with the fairy tales. Then you could convince the little bad wolf not to eat grandma and little red riding hood or converse about spells with a magician. :)


I like your idea! Maybe if you're doing famous political figures as well, you could try negotiating, using the right, polite terms for speaking to people above or below you, respectively. You could add on a "interest" area to talk to them about, where you speak about maybe a topic that they like, such as a foreign restaurant or food.


Or Leonardo da Vinci in the French course? He lived and worked in France after all...


i like the idea but can we also talk to people who are still alive like steven hawking


This is the best idea


Hitler in German course? Stalin in Russian? No, thanks!


What about Goethe or Tchaikovsky?


What I would give to talk to Goethe :P


There are plenty of good people from Germany and Russia. For example, there is Einstein from Germany and Leo Tolstoy from Russia.


Estoy de acuerdo pero ?qué pasa con la gente mala


Einstein, Bohr, Schrödinger!


Die Katze des Schrodinger!


Brahms, Mann, Beethoven!


Kathe Kollwitz, Emmy Noether...


i agree, it's best not to include Hitler, modern Germans are ashamed when he is brought up.


"The hospital"

You could have a doctor ask you about your medical problems and possible treatments.


aye. this is great idea. very useful in a foreign country.


That would be really useful for any language!


Topic: Debate / Goal: Have a fake agrument about something (politics, economics, etc) and try to convince the bot that your opinion is better.

This is just an idea, but I might come back and build on it later ~ or of course anyone else who sees this comment can as well; I won't mind!


Yes! Having the skills to argue in the foreign language would especially come in handy when arguing with someone on the internet. lol


This would need to be implemented very late in a course, because forming an argument about something complex like poli/econ is difficult in other languages, especially on the fly.


Completely true, and I think you're right when meaning to implement this later in a course.


arguing is hard in english.


Not for a native.

The only thing I like about English is that I believe it's the language that's best to debate in.


I really love this idea! It would be great to incorporate some logical reasoning into the bot so that you couldn't convince the bot of things that didn't make any rational sense! It might be tricky to implement but I would have a lot of fun with it -- and sharpen my deductive reasoning skills in the process. Who knows, the bot may convince YOU that your basic assumptions need to be reexamined!


Sounds like a good idea........


Topic: Flirting. Goal: Having a fake date with the Bot. Talking about yourself and having the Bot talk about themselves.

I don't know.¯_(ツ)_/¯. I'm not sure if this one has been done before. But, if it hasn't, I think it could be a good idea that people would like. So if you like the idea, please like this comment.


That is actually an amazing idea! I'm just unsure what they'd do about the gender of the bot. With something like a date chat, the gender of the bot may spark controversy (Considering how some people get about these things).


You could have the option to choose the gender... when Duolingo can't guess it.


Or have them pick the person they want to "date" and refer to the user as a more neutral way.


Good idea. But, I was thinking, it could ask YOUR gender first, and then ask if what gender you would like to flirt with.


If you give a list of genders people might get upset that what they identify as is not on the list. But what you say would be the best option in for actually learning.


Could you imagine flirting in a language like Hebrew? If you got someone who actually knew the language, that that would be awesome, but imagine how confused any other person would be! It would be absolutely hilarious!!!


Already did that kind of thing in German with my crush. I had to go step by step through the translation.


Great idea! I like it.


yeah especially if you want to go to Sweden. :)


Topic: Celebration / Goal: Plan a celebration such as a birthday party - bake a cake, buy a present, etc. (Some celebrations specific to the culture of the language would be nice!)


That's actually a really cool idea! It seems very creative and it would definitely require a lot of skills in that language!


Topic: Vet Discussion. Goal: Being able to discuss health issues with a vet regarding your pets.

Topic: Household Setup. Goal: Being able to order services and setup for household things like electricity, heating fuels, water service, and so on. Useful when first moving to new areas with your language.

These may or may not exist in some languages already. Swedish doesn't seem to have bots, will that be changing?


I don't know if this one has been done already, but I think it would be useful. . .Topic: Directions / Goal: Ask for and get directions to a certain location/place.

Topic: Making Friends / Goal: Make friends with the bot. Discuss what you like (favorite things to do, color, food, personality, etc. - it could be from a list of just a couple things, if needed) and what you don't like. At the end of the conversation, you either find out that you'd make good friends, or that you are "not compatible".

LOL - I'm giving all these suggestions, yet I don't even have access to this feature.

cough bring to android and web cough


Oooh! I have another one!

Topic: Court Trial/Goal: Prove yourself innocent (or guilty) in a court trial. The bot would be a judge who would present evidence (probably through the form a picture). The judge would then ask you questions about the case and you'd answer them. In the end, your answers would be used to determine if you are innocent or guilty!

Also, the cases wouldn't have to be anything too serious. They could even be silly things that nobody would actually go to court for!


You are on trial for owning a pet cloud. As you can see here, your state has strict laws against owning a pet cloud without the proper licence and registry.

You are on trial for GTO, Grand Theft Oxygen. You aren't allowed to breathe so much that you steal my oxygen!

You are on trial for attending school. You are on trial for not liking the band Rush.

You are on trial because. Just because. Lonely judge...


this is too unusual. the conversations should be practical or at least useful practice.


I've been playing a lot of Ace Attorney so I so love this!


Topic: Mysteries/Goal: you be Sherlock and the Bot is Watson. :) It'd be awesomely fun!


And the other bot is the policeman. lol


Yes! Or maybe Molly??


Topic: Baking / Goal: Make up a recipe for a bread or cake.


I have a couple of ideas:
Topic: Feelings and Emotions / Goal: Explain to a non-sentient robot what certain emotions are like. Answer the emotionless robot's questions about what it is like to feel joy or sadness.

Topic: Help / Guide an inexperienced user of the internet through some basic steps of control on a device. Perhaps also explain certain electronics.

Yet another idea:
Topic: Time travel / A famous person, maybe from the target language's country (Albert Einstein, Napoleon, Queen Isabella) comes to this year and finds the internet. Answer their questions about the current times and advancements.


Your feelings one gave me an idea! what if they did a bot that was sad and your goal was to cheer it up?!?!


Oh, that's a wonderful idea! That would give you so much practice with emotions and would be fun to do. Nice thinking!


Not sure if the classical tourist visits a new country and meets the locals there scenario already exists (buying food, clothes, tickets, travel tickets, ...). That is something really useful if you are a tourist.


Topic: get medical help. There are several chats to cover different situations: e.g. traffic accident and injured body parts, getting meds at the pharmacy, common travel problems like cold / diarrhea / malaria prophylaxis / head aches /hurting feet etc.

The chat starts with the specific problem that the user has, and finding the right place to get help for it / the right kind of doctor. Arriving there, the user discusses the issue with the staff and receives treatment. Also good to cover: Travel health insurance and speaking with their hotline on the phone to get their advice.

These scenarios need a lot of specific vocabulary inside the course. Which, considering the importance of some of the situations (accident abroad) would be a good idea anyway.


I'm not sure if the 'other planet' bot idea already exists but it would be really interesting to chat with an alien about Earth. I think it could also be a good way to practice words and phrases not used a lot in conversations.

Topic: Earth / Goal: Answer the aliens questions about earth


How about shopping scenarios? You could have clothing shopping, grocery shopping, etc. This would also come in useful if you end up traveling!


Get a young child ready for bed.

Get a young child ready for the day.

What it will be is at the start a parent asks you to get Sally to brush her teeth, wash her face, put on PJs and get into bed.

On this theme you can:

Take a young child to the park.


Topic: Job Interview / Goal: ask questions of a job applicant to determine if s/he is a good candidate for a position


I like this idea. I think it would also be good from the side of someone interviewing for a job.


I honestly believe that this is the best bot scenario. :)


Topic: Hairdresser / Goal: talk about how long or short your hair should be, whether you want it dyed or not, etc.


Piggy backing on that I'd love a lot more vocabulary. What color hair dyes are available? Should I keep my hair in an up-do or chop it all off and get a pixie? My dad is bald and has a fringe, but not a comb-over. Do they have comb-overs in France :) ?


A conversation with someone you just met at a bar or café: basic introductions that you learn to talk about as a foreigner in another country.


Topic: Apartment hunting / Goal: talk to an agent to see if there are apartments you might like to rent Alternative: similar scenario for buying a house


How about realistic conversations that we are likely to use? Crossing the border, checking into a hotel, complaining or asking assistance in a hotel, what time is the next train or bus, shopping for basic items, going from one place to another. etc.


How about different fields of science; e.g. physics, chemistry, biology, etc. it would give you a chance to develop a more complete vocabulary and could be useful for students in STEM fields.


Topic: Renting a car at your vacation place for a car trip all around. Covers who will be the driver, left-/right-hand traffic, which insurance option to take, if the gas has to be refilled on return, rental company contacts etc.


Topic: Places around the world / Goal: Planning where to go

  • 3015

How about a trip to the movies? The bot could lead you through the process of choosing what kind of movie you'd like to see, buying tickets, deciding whether or not to buy snacks in the lobby or what kind of snacks, whether to sit in a front aisle or back aisle, and turning off your cellphone before the lights go down and the movie starts. Seems appropriate for bots.


Topic: Favorites / Goal: Discuss favorite colors, animals, hobbies, etc.


Topic: On a cruise. The user boards a cruise ship and is greeted by several staff members showing them around the different sections. Your cabin: Satisfied with it or was there a mistake, and you should have gotten a much better cabin? Board restaurant: Drinks included or not? How big should the waiter's tip be? The pool area: Is there a reserved spot for you or do you have to fight for a deck chair? Is it ok to reserve a chair with your towel? What can you do to fill your time on board? Are there sports facilities or a spa? What's the itinerary of the cruise, and what to do when the ship reaches a new place? Who to come to when a problem appears? Appropriate behaviour between guests. What is absolutely forbidden on a cruise.


Maybe add religious things, for Christians/Muslims/Hindus etc. when they need to travel. P.S. Please get the Bots for the web


Topic: Crime witness / Goal: first watch a crime scene taking place, and then have an interview with a police man and describe the crime.


Topic: School / Goal: Be able to guide a foreign exchange student throughout a school.


Topic: Explore the capital city (of the course's language's country). If you learn Italian, it would be Rome. Later on more chats about other interesting cities of this country appear / if the language is spoken in several countries, the chats will cover these equally.

You could talk about the main attractions, what not to miss, how to best get around, what is a famous dish of this place, how well it's suited for vegetarians, different quarters, important historical events and so on... These could be split into several chats of course, otherwise it might be too lengthy.


What about a conversation with a bank about exchanging currency when you arrive in France. I had a great deal of trouble with this when I went to France. Also you could have a conversation with a taxi driver about what sights to see in France when first arriving in France. These would be educational and informative conversations.


Topic: Plane Trip / Goal: Go through customs, board plane and go through a typical flight (what type of juice do you want? why isn't the in flight entertainment working?).


that is a great idea. i can't imagine the trouble if i accidentally said something scary in customs.


I like the travel ideas others have mentioned, but how about something more specific, like checking in with the front desk, thanking the bellboy, and then calling room service to order dinner?


The coach!

Talk about soccer, basketball, baseball, etc


Because anything can happen in a foreign country, I think the bots should prepare you for things like going to the doctors, asking for help, or maybe directions.


what is your home country like. i imagine this would be a commonly asked question when moving to a new country.


talking to the police. this NEEDS to be a subject.


Topic: cinema/ Goal: Talk about favorite movies and decide on a movie to watch together


What about a hitchhiker who tells you about all the places they've been and the thing's they've seen.


Even better, what if it was a Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy, as you ask them where they're going and what they've seen! It could be funny! It's a really funny book!


It's not yet in the public domain, though.


Topic:Travel/ Goal: Descide where to go on vacation or what to pack.


Perhaps you're a new exchange student and the bot has been assigned to show you around. Topic: Getting accustomed to a new place. Goal: Asking the bot where things are, what classes are available, what foods are in the cafeteria, what time classes are, what you should wear etc.


I like the history ideas.

You could have conversations about the most famous people from each language.

You could have a conversation about each country with the language as an official language (for example Spain, Mexico, Chile, etc. for Spanish).

You could also do a scenario about culture. For example, Spanish could include something about dance.


What about a family dinnertime where you're talking about who is going where after school, doctors appointments, the fact that dad needs to pay the bills after dinner and mom will be heading off to book club. Finding out how school was for the kids and work was for the parents. Lots of opportunities to use different verb tenses.


A bot could be a person with amnesia who doesn't remember the words for common everyday items. :)


Possibly you could insert things you're interested about. For instance, there's a system where you could put in topics and words you want to learn about, or things you'd just like to talk about. Maybe you could submit your own conversation starters to Duolingo and have the staff create something for those (if they wish)!


just do something like an everyday text with a friend or something like that normal texting questions like... 1. hello/hey 2. whats up/ how are you or a getting to know you kind of bot with questions like... 1. whats your favorite color 2. whats your name 3. whats your favorite food 4. whats your favorite animal things like that etc. etc.


That's a great idea! I was also thinking that there should be a feature were we have the option to pair up with someone that is learning the same language, and has the same fluency in that language. You can talk to them as if they were a pen pal!


How about music-related (i.e. playing in an orchestra, do you play an instrument, what's your favorite piece/song/band/instrument)


You could be ordering German cuisine, French cuisine, etc. You could choose Fast food or more etiquette foods such as (For French) Escargots, Chicken cordon bleu, etc. Or more Fast Foods like burgers, fries, fried chicken.

Or directions, someone asks for directions and you're supposed to give them directions such as Nord, or in German Norden.


Topic: culture in different places / Goal: practice using a language while also talking and learning about a nations culture

: )


Hi again,

I would like to recommend adding in a conversation feature where you can talk with others from the real world. I would propose that the same bot conversation engine be used here, with the two people being given a topic and then discussing it, with Duolingo correcting you when you say something incorrectly or so forth. The more you speak, the more Lingots you get! With this added, you could have a person doing an English course speak with someone who's native language is English, and have them speak to that person in their native language, with each other correcting.




Maybe you could make a bot that helps you plan your younger sibling's surprise birthday party? Maybe add a few things like where to put the streamers (ceiling or wall), where to hide when they arrive (behind a couch or table) and something about the cake and presents? My younger sister's birthday was a few weeks ago, so this idea pooped into my mind. Hope this helps.


what about making the bots talk about mythology and we get to meet mythical famous and infamous people and read their background stories go to adventures with them and be able to change some of the history's most iconic features and events, and maybe that would affect the later conversations with all the bots affected by those events? i mean why not turn a conversation with bots into an adventure texting game! it's not hard to be made we just need to know what kind of mythical event to take on and what possible outcomes would happen! besides that would open up a great opportunity for readers and doulingo's community to bring up their fantasy together and gather their knowledge at the same point to bring up the coolest possible multi universes outcomes! why stick to a single route/ path when you can have about a thousand?! just an idea


Have some topics like hockey, and soccer.


I want to be able to make plans with the bot for a spa day or a ladies night out.


You should make a scary story or choose your own adventure kind of thing That would be really fun!!!!!


Topic: Visiting a foreign country. What the culture is like. Discuss- food, transportation, events, school, currency, arts, music.


Hi, I also thought that it would be nice if the bot could be your friend. Like you can enter some information about yourself like if you say my favorite color is blue the bot will remember that your favorite color was blue.


Topic: Creating Fiction? Goal: To help a fiction writer create her next story, with the setting, plot, and characters involved.


What about doing a scenario where you are going to Disney land/world, assume you need to buy food there, and souvenirs.


I love this idea. Amusement parks have limitless and global potential. They could offer a stage for many things. Working politely with language in crowds of public. Park lines, kids pushing, people cutting in front of the line, how to remain polite in vocabulary. Perhaps getting lost along the way and utilizing the park map to get to the meeting place for your group. Maybe you loose your car keys and have to backtrack to the places you went. Maybe include some money management, you have "x" to play fairway games: which ones, also good place for determinants and instructing others to select your desired choice. Or how bout an old-time western photo booth where you can try on hats, wigs, mustaches,old time clothing, to create your old western look for the photo, maybe even try on some old time phrases or expressions. There could be episodes about riding the different rides and how they affect the body, feeling dizzy or nauseous or giggly, what features makes the good ones good, the bad rides bad etc . I would also love to use my lingos to pimp out my bots, or buy my own bot to individualize as my go-to "bestie-bot" (you can use that... a "Bestie Bot"). The bots you have out there are great. Hey maybe Lingots could buy new topics... bot convos... these are my favorite feature. Carry On Duolingo you are marvelous! Thank you!

Adding: the guy on the fairaway that guesses at heights and weights could teach us how he does it haha


Topic: Video Games

Goal: Learn new vocabulary for talking about a thing that can be played casually or competitively!


for a little more simplicity , I would suggest talking about home life family and people in the aria of study!


Topic/Idea: Going to the doctor. You would have to tell the bot what hurts and how you are feeling. The bot would respond with advice for example, "rest" or "ice it" or something like that. Could be cool and you might need that vocabulary for a real life conversation. =b


I like your idea a lot! It's very useful to know how to describe symptoms in the language of the country you are spending some time. You never know when you will get sick in a foreign country! The bots could talk about pregnancy, colds, injuries, and even diseases related to some countries. For example, in the Portuguese language, they could talk about "dengue" a common disease in Brazil.


Maybe discuss 1) how culture affects business 2) identifying global issues of mutual concern 3) whether the sound of a particular language makes it better or worse at vocal music (opera) or poetry 4) how globalization might affect the language of a particular country 5) how a joke might be funny in one language and not in another


I like idea 1 and I think this could be expanded to teaching culture in general. For example, that in Brazil it is ok to kiss people on their cheeks when greeting them in interactions man/woman and woman/woman, but that men will never greet by kissing. I also like idea 5. Jokes and proverbs are always useful in any language.


what about fave sports teams???


How about a bot that only knows the language you're learning and you have to explain English (or your own language) to them in their language?


Topic: Miscellaneous / Goal: find a word that starts with the last letter the bot said.


my idea is rather simple, since it's really just a conversation revolving around school. a student/teacher or student/student conversation!


Hi @helpfulDuo, I would like to recommend that you add more culture into the Bot Conversation. I would also recommend that you make the bots more real, adding features that make the characters stand out. For my idea, I would recommend a ski day where after arriving at the mountains in one of the other conversations, you ski and then after talk in past tense about how you enjoyed the skiing, didn't, or so forth.


Your happy user,



What about the French education system? The French health system? The RAID elite anti-terror squad? The French civil service? Bureaucracy in France? Living in an apartment in France - the taxes and the management committee? Travelling around Paris - the metro, RER, buses; carnets of tickets, the Carte Découverte? Cycle tours in France?


shopping around IKEA for Swedish. also visiting famous landmarks with a friend and talking about them


Topic: Jobs/Careers / Goal: To have a job interview I think it would be really useful, especially for people who want to learn a language so that they can work abroad. Also it would be good interview practise lol


Topic: You and bot play an escape the room game. Goal: You and bot have to discuss the hints you have found and solve the riddles to "escape" aka finish the escape the room game (probably too complex)

Topic: job interview goal: You are applying for a job and the bot is the personal manager who will hire you if you make a good first impression. (Since many Duolingo users you the app to have higher chances to score a good job I find it reasonable to include it if it isn't included yet)


Walking through the market place, talking about the various goods for sale and then bargaining for a better price. You could cover a lot of new nouns and adjectives from the bot "vendors" and then use those same words to get a better price. Given it would work from a vocabulary pool set by the bots, I think it would be pretty doable. Plus, as an American, I know nothing of bargaining and I doubt I'm alone in that.


Posible para español una discussion de la nueva sistema de planetas, similares en tamaños como la Tierra, que ha sido descubierto alrededor una estrella roja y pequeña en la constelación de Aquarius?


what duolingo could do with bots is, after each skill finished, you have to complete a bot with the vocabulary you just learned.


Interacting with Police/authority figures: Being able to ask directions, ask for help, show identification/passport, discuss traffic signs/citations, describe car accident or injury, be able to answer any "In Case of Emergency" questions like where you are staying, "please call ____".


i already said this


Well then great minds must think alike.


Topic: Transport / Goal: Buy a ticket for public transport (metro, bus, train, airplane)


How about a talk with world leaders at a UN conference? The setting would be believable for a language conversation between those who are negotiating. Maybe the characters could negotiate about something fun, like climate change.

[deactivated user]

    More restaurant ordering or asking people for help if you're lost


    Great Idea! Make it for Android. Please :-)


    Topic: Pet store/ Goal: Picking a pet to buy


    Please can you add Portuguese bots? I really want them to add them


    Topic: Countries and Languages Goal: Talking about the language you are learning, if you like it, etc. and talking about a country where it is spoken, if you would like to go there, etc.


    Maybe an option to play a game with the bot where each person adds a sentence to make a story.

    Bot: I went to the store. Student: I saw my neighbor there. Bot: He said hello. Student: I saw that he was buying milk and bread. Bot: All of a sudden, the lights went out.......


    the problem with that, is the bot can't make complex sentences, so unless the bot programmer knows exactly what the user will say, the bot will not know what to say.


    too complex mate. this needs to be codable


    Shopping for a car


    You could do a taxi driver if you haven't already :)


    I really like the bot conversations, but the "accepted words" for responses are pretty limiting. This needs to be opened up. I would like to be able to ask the bots questions.


    thing is mate. the coder would have to make a scenario for every single word, which is simply impossible. espcially when you consider duo isn't exactly a AAA mainstream business. it would be good though


    I agree I found I would like to add more details to my replies just to get their use in somehow. Congrats on 135 days! you get a lingo


    The French sense of humour - is it different?


    habits folklore, history, geography, art and culture


    what about sport in German - like Bastian Schweinsteiger or Michael Schumaher ???? or maybe music - Xavier Naidoo??


    Suggestion for conversations Hobbies from fishing to tropical fish keeping to card games the lego ? Sports, Holidays


    How about Pets Walking favourites


    What about French ceremonies - christening (or other, non-Christian welcoming ceremonies), weddings and funerals? Watching a French film (Ne le dit à personne) I noticed that at a funeral the coffin disappears into the flames - this would never happen at an Irish funeral involving cremation; the coffin slides in behind curtains and the priest or whatever functionary is managing the funeral explains that it is not being cremated now, that this will happen later. In another film (Mon meilleur ami) the funeralgoers were saying what was obviously a standard condolence phrase and the family replying in what was obviously also a set formula. And with christenings, what are the gifts people give to the baby, is there normally a meal (at a restaurant? in the baby's home?) And weddings - do French people go for the kind of insane expense that is the norm in Ireland, or is it quieter?


    when is the android version coming out


    i wanna learn french quickly so i can get good grades in french!!!! >.<


    Do a zoo scenario where you and the bot see different kinds of animals. You could practice using adjectives (small, big, ext) and colors, as well as locations showing signs where the animals might be located.


    How about how long have you been learning this langue bot?


    I think we should do like a Hansel and Gretel. So, it would be like in the woods talking about how to get home (That's the goal, too.)


    In a similar manner to the "argument bot" suggested above by VeelLangues, I like the idea of using the methods presented in Nonviolent Communication by Marshall Rosenburg to have a "empathy bot" where you have conversation with a bot about why you're feeling however you are and it tries to understand your position and help you work out a meaningful way to move forward. Or perhaps the roles could be reversed and you could try to cheer the bot up.


    wait, are bots going to be added to languages separately? i'm still waiting for bonus skills!


    Also, things you need to understand, but not necessarily to use - for instance slang and rudeness.


    i'm really tempted to try the app, it might be a great practice for my French and English, unfortunately it only available for i-phone user. hope it will be released for the android user soon.

    thank you, merci.


    Topic: Zoo / Goal: Talk about which animal to see and what to buy (ice cream or souvenirs?).


    Being pulled over by the police.


    Buying a football or concert ticket.


    Ordering takeout food or fast food.


    Asking for directions when lost.


    ordering items on the internet


    taking the bus or a tram in the city


    It would be great to make this available to Android users :(


    visiting a post office


    visiting a friend for dinner


    hiking in the black forest


    boat trip on the Rhine


    looking for an apartment


    reporting a traffic accident


    You could have the bots talk with characters from books such as talk to Ichabod Crane or some other famous person from a book.


    How about in the Spanish course we have a conversation about going to the beach, taking a swim, placing our towels down, grabbing some food and drinks, being offered a parasol etc. Very useful for those of us learning the language for that express purpose ;-)


    Buying or selling something complicated, preferably where the price is negotiable, e.g., a used car or vacation home.


    Conversation with a bookseller -- what's new, popular, entertaining, well-reviewed, etc. Lot's of opportunity for deep (or shallow) back-and-forth dialog.


    First day of a study-abroad program at college or first day of work after an international transfer.


    How about famous poets and poetry, like Edgar Allen Poe or Emily Dickinson, or May Angelou?


    Is there anyway to talk to Bots without an iphone or ipad? I have my computer but the link redirects me to the apple store where i have to download the app for a device other than my computer.


    i would like if you can add Latin and Korean and make Bots that can make learning languages more fun.


    Topic: Professional Footballer / Goal: Talk about your own Football Career and where you would like it to head.


    yummy chicken bonjour!


    more subjects about relationships


    i think i could read french better then i can speak it


    Hi, when would we have bots for Italian? Thanks :)


    you should make a course where people could learn about the language about the chewibakas of the star wars movie lkanguage


    You mean the Wookie?


    Maybe you should give up because all this is shit. duo lingo is for dumb asses if you want to learn languages message me and ill teach you the right way not the dumb way.


    please do not troll.


    Idea: How to get banned off of duolingo and not what to do. A new thing you can buy off of the lingot store for spanish.


    Yes VeelLangues arguing would be fun and it would be nice if you can make the bot more humoristic like silly pranks or jokes.


    Haha there should be a Contrabot. You say somthing, the bot disagrees with you, you have to fight about that subject. =D


    Hi I think trying to convince some one with some thing can be easy by using strong words witch makes the reader more comfortable about getting conevinced

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