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  5. "Kerestem egy másik utat."

"Kerestem egy másik utat."

Translation:I was looking for another way.

February 21, 2017



So "keres" means looking for or searching for, but when it is associated with money it means "earn"? Or am I just confused?


You are correct. I earn a lot=Sokat keresek (also can mean I search a lot)


It is an interesting comparison how some nations look for the money, others make it and yet others earn it, etc.


True. I never thought about how many ways that could be expressed. As a small child when my "mom" said dad went to work to make money my siblings and I literally thought he made the coins.


What other ways are there to say "keresek pénzt"?

I mean earn (compensation of one's work) and make (figuratively creating it) seems pretty straightforward but "look for money" sounds like wild west gold digging times... luck, no rules, no agreement between employer and employee, actually no roles at all.

Keres seems to be the somewhat weird word for earn. Can I "csinál" money?

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