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  5. "I wash clothes with soap"

"I wash clothes with soap"

Translation:Ninafua nguo na sabuni

February 22, 2017



What's the difference between kufua and kuosha? Are they used in different contexts or is it an error that 'ninaosha nguo na sabuni' isn't accepted?


the translation says kwa is acceptable but marked wrong


My understanding of it is that "kwa" translated as "with" is more specific to being "with" another person, meaning it connotes a plurality or partnership. The word "na" translated as "with" is more for utilization, like hitting someone "with" a stick.


I dont understand why nonaosha is not correct as well


I think you have to use "kufua" with clothes. I don't recall that "kuosha" has been ever used for clothes, but for dishes etc.


Can we have an explanation about the difference between osha, fua and safisha? It seems like guesswork most of the time to know which to use.


kufua = to wash, to do the laundry
(clothes, laundry!)

kuosha = to wash, to rinse

kusafisha = to clean, to wash, to rinse
(e.g. car, bucket, dishes (sometimes), child etc., but not own body)


Thank you! Asante!


I anwered that but he said wrong and correct solution "Ninafua nguo kwa sabuni" ??? Is it a programmation problem ?

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