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"I am washing the bucket this morning."

Translation:Ninaosha ndoo leo asubuhi.

February 22, 2017



Is "leo" (today) here to tell "this" morning, and not "a" morning ?


Why is "Ninafua ndoo leo asubuhi" not correct?


Apparently Kufua is only supposed to be used for clothing, where Kuosha is used whenever you clean something with soap and water (which can include clothes).

Someone may be able to provide more clarification on this, but IMO it seems that Kuosha is always the safer choice to use.


I agree. If you look up kufua, it gives the definition as 'launder', which is for clothes


Or "to beat (against)," which I presume relates to traditional laundering practices, although I'm curious how much broader use the verb might have with this non-laundering sense now.


Why not asubuhi hii?


Just because English says "this morning" doesn't mean other languages do it the same way. In German, for example, you say heute Morgen, "today morning" exactly the same as leo asubuhi in Swahili.

Notice also that we don't say "this night" in English but instead "tonight".

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