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Angolan Portuguese - a Portuguese accent in Africa


I wanted to share this; Wikitongue's new video featuring Stéfane speaking in Portuguese with a native Angolan accent.


I thought it would be interesting to see your responses. As the YouTube comments stated, he speaks very clearly. I could piece together some of what he said because I am knowledgeable in a few other Romance languages (mostly Spanish) but his clear pronunciation is also a factor.

February 22, 2017


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So interesting! Here in Brazil we love soap operas, and there's a new character from Angola in one that I'm currently watching. I love her accent! It's so cute. I particullary love the way that angolans speak. :)

February 27, 2017


I'm Argentinian and I love their accent too XD


Oh, Argentina is a nice country! I love Paola Carosella, she's a argentinian chef (I don't know if u know her) and she's living in Brazil right now and her accent is beautiful.


Thanks for sharing the link. I'm currently studying European Portuguese and I often wonder if I will ever be able to speak the language since they speak so fast (to me). For fun, I attempt to learn a new song every week. Throughout my studies, I noticed that I prefer Portuguese music from Angola or Cape Verde. Now, I may know why. Muito obrigada!


Hi! I'm a portuguese native speaker! If ever have any doubts or want someone to practise with, I'm right here :)

Hope you are enjoying learning our beautiful language! xx


You are too kind! I'm going to practice more and I will definitely take you up on your offer some time. Muito obrigada!


Não precisas de agradecer! (no need to thank me!) :)


Could you recommend me some Angolan/Cape Verde songs?



I just started studying Portuguese so I'm sorry if I give you any wrong information. Nevertheless, here are some of the artists that I listen to:

Anselmo Ralph- "Não me toca." He's from Angola.

Matias Damásio- "Loucos" ft Héber Marques. He's from Angola.

Yola Semedo- "Você me Abana" ou "E táo bom." She's from Angola.

Calema-"Vai" ou "A Nossa Vez." They're from São Tomé and Príncipe (They're my favorite!).

Mika Mendesa- "Apaixonado" ft. Claudio Ismael. His parents are Cape Verdean.

Bonus: Kataleya- "Hoje É hoje." She's from Brazil but I think she has ties to Angola. Especially since her music video was shot there, but I don't know for sure.

Yasmine- "Esquece o Mundo." I don't know anything about her except that she can sing. Lol.

I hope that helps you.


Obrigado! PolyglotCiro though XD


De nada. Além disso, perdoa-me ;).


I am a native Spanish speaker from Argentina.
Angolan Portuguese is a lot easier to understand than Brazuca Portuguese, I can understand 99.9% of what he is saying in the video.


Maybe you like watching this emotional video in Portuguese from Mozambique



Thanks for sharing!


Hi! This is super interesting, and my first chance to hear the african dialects! Much like the English dialects outside of North America more closely resemble British English than the more dominant North American Dialects, I've always heard that the African and Asian Dialects of Portuguese more closely resemble european Portuguese, and this confirms that, I think. Muito interessante!


i live in lisbon since some weeks, so i am trying to learn the language. usually on youtube, portuguese people speak so fast, that i am not able to understand a single word! instead this guy is amazing, i got everything. i am going to look for other angolan speaker!

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