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Question about мати

Hi! I noticed that while мати uduslly means mom/mother, it can also mean have. That's what the drop down menu on the app, and google translate both say. I'm really confused, coming from English where those two words have nothing in common. It seems like the form of have implied is more like to bear/carry something, but I'm still confused. When is мати used for 'have?' Thank you!

February 22, 2017



Usually you can tell from context. For example a "bat" can mean an animal or a thing for playing baseball. When someone says "There is a bat in the sky", it's more likely to be an animal that a thing for playing baseball.


You should be able to distinguish from context, especially whenever мати is conjugated :)


Thank you! I figured that might be it. Looking forward to learning more! Ukrainian is fun!

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