"A spoonful of sugar is enough."

Translation:Ένα κουτάλι ζάχαρη είναι αρκετό.

February 22, 2017

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Why isn't sugar declined in the genitive?


When you say a cup of tea, a plate of salad, a spoon of sugar, you have to use the accusative in Greek, because it doesn't show possession. Accusative is used because a με is implied κούπα (με) τσάι, πιάτο (με) σαλάτα, κουτάλι (με) ζάχαρη etc. Genitive would mean that the κούπα τσαγιού is a tea cup, a πιάτο σαλάτας is a salad plate (meant only for salads) etc. The με thing becomes obvious when using the definite article; there you have to say θέλω το ποτήρι με το τσάι= I want the cup of tea, θέλω το πιάτο με την σαλάτα=I want the plate of salad etc. In everyday life, though, you just say Θέλω το τσάι, θέλω την σαλάτα etc


What about μια κουταλιά ζάχαρη ειναι αρκετά????


It would be "αρκετή". "Αρκετά" can be either a neuter plural adjective or an adverb.


Can you use φτάνει instead of αρκετό?


You can say Ένα κουτάλι ζάχαρη φτάνει / αρκεί (A spoonful of sugar suffices) not Ένα κουτάλι ζάχαρη είναι φτάνει. You can't have two verbs. Also, if you use φτάνει (or αρκεί) it's not really a translation of the original sentence.

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